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We can teach you to dance so anyone will want to be your partner!
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"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

During your one-on-one private lessons, you will receive personalized instruction that will help you achieve your goals in dancing. Your instructor will spend the time necessary on technique, styling, and general dance improvement. An up-to-date record of everything you have learned will also be kept as part of your instruction. Private lessons are sold by the program not by the individual lesson, however you can try one of our introductory packages in which your instructor will provide an analysis in order to suggest some basic programs that will get you to your goal.

We have many programs for beginners through advanced. Programs are designed around how fast or slow you are in learning, how often you can come in for your instruction, what level of dancer you want to be, and the number of dances you want to learn. This all can be determined on your Introductory package.  

Private lessons are 45 minutes long.  Private lessons are given by appointment between 11:am and 9:pm Mon. - Fri. and Saturday from 12pm to 6pm.

You must give the studio 8 hours advance notice to avoid being charged for the lesson.  Each lesson is $150.  Discounts are available via discounted packages, as well as Groupon and Senior Citizen Discounts.


We  offer group dance classes allowing students to learn the steps of a dance to then take back to their private lessons for review and correction. At the International Dance Studio you will find group classes for foxtrot, tango, quickstep, paso doble, swing, salsa, cha cha, west coast swing, hustle, mambo, bachata, waltz and more!

No partner is required.  These classes are suitable for beginning and intermediate levels of dancers.


Prices and schedule subject to change without notice.  

*All classes subject to change

We can teach you to dance so anyone will want to be your partner!




Most students who come through our door simply want to be able to get out there and DANCE!!! We’ve got the moves and the know-how to make that happen, using our  teaching method, which has been tried and true for over forty years. We understand that you don’t want to watch other people dance when you go out to that wedding, or when you go on that cruise. Likewise, we don’t want you to sit there watching, because we know how much more fun it is to be the one dancing. Not only are we happy to be teaching dance, but we are excited to see the progress of each of our students as they become confident social dancers.


THERE ARE NO REFUNDS or credits for missed classes.
8 - hour cancellation notice is required for private lessons. Cancellations made within 8 hours will be charged the full visit amount with no exceptions.
A private room is not guaranteed for a private lesson. Private lesson means 1 instructor with 1 student.  There can be several private lessons going on at the same time.
Private lessons must be paid in advance before scheduling. All private lessons are non-refundable.
Same instructor cannot be guaranteed throughout the duration of package.
Please do not leave valuable items unattended. The Rendezvous Ballroom is not responsible for any loss of property.
Cell phones are not allowed to be used during lessons.
Video recording is not allowed during lessons.

Benefits of Dance
Dancing isn’t just about the steps and music. It’s a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation. Dancing enhances your life in so many ways: Health, Confidence, Self-Expression, Social, Relaxation, and Fun.

Health: When you dance, your cardiovascular system improves, your muscle tone increases and you burn calories. This low-impact aerobic activity also increases flexibility, strength, and balance. Olympic athletes often dance as part of their training to sharpen their control, agility, and speed. Dancing is great exercise, and our studios offer a pleasant, fun atmosphere in which to learn.

Confidence: Dancers possess an aura of self-confidence and an ability to enjoy themselves more in social situations. When you learn how to dance, your entire mental outlook will take on a fresh sense of creativity, motivation, and energy. This new self-confidence in your dancing abilities will transfer to other aspects of your life as well.

Self-Expression: Dance provides an emotional outlet so that you can express your feelings through your body movements with passion and flair. Dancing will bring out, improve upon, and strengthen your ability to permanently use these expressive qualities even when you are not dancing.

Social: Dancing lessons are an easy, low-pressure way to meet people. The International Dance Studio provide monthly practice dance parties, nights out on the town, and regional and national competitions, as well as fun trips to many different locations. Our lessons are the perfect way for couples and singles to rediscover romance by dancing your way to love!

Relaxation: In today’s fast-paced world, we sometimes forget to take a moment for ourselves. Dancing provides an enjoyable escape from your normal daily routine, plus a chance to relax, relieve stress, and concentrate on yourself.

Fun: Dancing is a great way to add excitement to your life. Although learning to dance takes concentration and dedication, you will be constantly surrounded by artistic, cheerful people who make learning a pleasurable and rewarding experience. So join us and have some fun!

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